Our Story

Daryl’s Famous NutRolls is a family business owned and operated by Daryl Loveall and her daughter, Cara Loveall-Evans.  Daryl’s Grandpap, Pap Chuck, immigrated from Hungary as a very young boy with his parents over 100 years ago!  They brought with them many wonderful family recipes from their Hungarian heritage.  One of them was their wonderful Nutrolls.  Approximately, 40 years ago, Pap Chuck showed Daryl the secrets to making the best nutroll.

We continue Pap’s tradition of making yummy nutrolls, and filling each roll with quality ingredients.  We make our own walnut filling with fresh ground walnuts daily.  We take pride in keeping with Pap Chuck’s true recipe for all these years! We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back time and again!

NO preservatives added, and using all REAL ingredients make our nutrolls the very “Best you ever tasted!”