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Flavors :

Nutroll…….filled to overflowing with homemade Walnut mixture

Apricot Roll…..Sweet but mild apricot filling

Raspberry – Seedless filling that will have you coming back for more!

Poppyseed – a traditional filling, ours is so moist, you will love it!

Lekvar – Another traditional, very mild, a little sweet, and yes, it’s PRUNES!


The Signature size is the Large Roll measuring approximately 16-18″ long, and 5″ wide. (sizes vary because each roll is hand-rolled) Every roll is weighed and measured to be the same!​

​Large Nutroll:    $22.00

Large Fruit Flavors:   $22.00

Icing packet: $1.00

The Kicsi (or small) size is half the size of the Large Roll

Kicsi Nutroll:      $12.00

Kicsi Fruit Flavors: $12.00

Icing packet: $1.00

Special Order Sizes:

PAP CHUCK’S EXTRA LARGE ROLL – extra dough and extra nuts, this roll is for the nut lover!

$30.00 (available in nut only)

Large Nut with extra filling:   $25.00

Large Apricot with extra filling: $25.00

Large Poppyseed with extra filling: $25.00